Judy Bragg Pardo

Photo of woods along roadway of Cassadaga FL

I took this photo into the dark woods along the roadway during Halloween 2004 at Cassadaga, FL. Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is a 10-year-old community of spiritually-minded people located in Central Florida. There is also a spiritual community in New York called Lily Dale.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is a 110 year old community of spirit

Cassadaga FL roadway
These photos were dark and have been lightened up in Photoshop to reveal the In-between.


Judy Pardo at Cassadaga FL
I was checking out my camera while my friend took this photo of me. Cassadaga has been known as a spiritual place.


Judy Pardo at Cassadaga FL
A friend took another photo of me; there was no direct light near me.


Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Florida

Cassadaga has many mediums/psychics that live in the camp.