Judy Bragg Pardo

Photo of deer in Mohonk Mountain NY

Mid 1990's, I was walking with other family members in Mohonk Mountain, New York. I came across two deer. They stood still as I neared closer with my camera in hand. I took several photos and as you can see in the below photos, I was not alone.


Deer with spiritual entiy of circle of light
What was naked to the human eye, was not naked to the 35mm camera. As you can see the very large circle of light in the background.


Deer with spiritual entity
I have circled in red the entity so that you can see it clearly. Note it is a smaller size as it came closer to the deer and I.


Deer and spiritual entity or spirit.
I felt this entity/spirit was curious about me. It got larger as it worked it's way between the deer and I.


Mohonk Mountain, NY

Tower at Mohonk Mountain NY
My grandfather, Carlos Marinaccio (Charles) was a stone mason worker and helped build this tower on the top of Mohonk Mountain.