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Living the Life: Parachute Jump

My first Free-Fall!

Jude in the plane, ready to jump and parachutte
At the plane's edge 2 1/2 miles up in the sky, Jump?


Jude jumped tandon parachutte
JUMP! Begin Free-Fall . . .


Looking at altimeter, getting ready to pull the parachutte open
YEAH! 6,000 feet . . . about that time to open the parachute.





Memory sealed
with videos and
still life photos.


Robert Baron's Free-Fall!

Robert Baron Pardo parachutting
Robert enjoyed living life to the fullest!


Robert Baron Pardo parachutting
He was a natural in anything he did!


Robert Baron Pardo parachutting
YEAH!...the parachute opened!

Homestead, FL, 1975 - I (and my husband) jumped out of a plane 3,000 feet high in the sky and was hooked on to a static line. A static line is a line that is hooked to the plane and will open your parachute automatically (hopefully) as
you fall. The few seconds until my parachute opened were unclear, for that reason I did not jump again, until....

Central Florida Area, November 1998 - I did my first Free-Fall Tandem (photos). My son, Robert Baron Pardo, shared this experience by jumping tandem also. As you can see in the above, tandem is free-falling with an instructor. I jumped 2 1/2 miles up in the sky, 13,500 feet. What a RUSH!!! I made sure I kept my eyes open this time. It was the biggest 'rush' I ever experienced in my life.

My son and I jumped again on
January 1999, Next time, I am going SOLO!

Central Florida Area, September 1998 - I went in a hot air balloon ride near the Walt Disney area.

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